Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I arrange for a tour of Liberty Hall?
    • Yes, call us to schedule a tour at 208-589-5003.
  • What is the capacity of Liberty Hall?
    • The capacity depends upon the use of tables & chairs and seating arrangements.  The upstairs allows for approximately 200 people.  The downstairs allows for approximately 100 people.
  • Does the rental rate include time for set up and clean up?
    • Yes, the rental rate includes time for set up and clean up.
  • Can I use the kitchen at Liberty Hall for my event?
    • Yes, there are warming kitchens available on both floors for your convenience.  We also have ice available onsite.
  • Are we restricted to a certain caterer?
    • No, you are not limited to a particular caterer.  If you would like, we are happy to recommend caterers who have catered events in our building.
  • Can I have alcoholic beverages at my event?
    • Yes, with a deposit down private parties can bring their own beverages.  However, Liberty Hall respectfully abides by all state and local laws.  No underage drinking will be permitted.  No sales will be allowed without a permit.  Liberty Hall does not carry an alcohol permit, but would be happy to provide a list of caterers with liquor licenses.  Liberty Hall reserves the right to charge an additional security deposit at our discretion for events that include alcohol.
  • Is a damages deposit required?
    • Yes, a deposit will be secured for damages which will be returned if there are no damages at the completion of your event.  Alternatively, obtaining event insurance is also acceptable.
  • Does Liberty Hall provide table linens?
    • No, there are no linens available.  We are happy to recommend companies we have partnered with for linens.  Your rental fee includes the use of our tables and chairs.  We have 20 eight foot rectangular tables, 10 sixty inch round tables, and 168 metal folding chairs.
  • How many parking spaces are on-site at Liberty Hall?
    • There are 35 parking spaces in the lot and some parking along Main, Arthur and Halliday.
  • Will a Liberty Hall manager be onsite during my event?
    • No, typically the manager is only there to provide keys to the building.  A manager will not be on site for your event.  The managers can be reached at 208-589-5003.
  • What time does Liberty Hall close?
    • In general, Liberty Hall closes at midnight.  Under special/certain circumstances, and only by written contract a limited extension may be available.
  • Can I plug my iPod into the Liberty Hall sound system?
    • Yes, the house speakers can be used for AM/FM, iPod/MP3, Bluetooth, Cable and wireless microphones.
  • Is Liberty Hall ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Accessible?
    • Yes, the ground floor of Liberty Hall is ADA accessible.  This includes both main floor bathrooms.
  • Is Liberty Hall air-conditioned?
    • Yes, Liberty Hall is air-conditioned.
  • What payment methods are accepted?  And where do I send my payment?
    • Liberty Hall prefers cash.
    • We will accept checks made payable to Liberty Hall.
      • Checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 3005, Pocatello, ID 83206.
      • Please do not mail payments to the physical/building address as there is no mail receptacle and your payment may be lost.
    • We accept debit/credit cards over the phone.
    • We also accept Venmo.  Contact us for the profile information.

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